Thursday, November 22, 2007

The True Meaning Of Religion Lies In It's Structure Not Message

Religions all have a basic template which they follow simply because in the world of ideas like the natural world there is survival of the fittest.Religion a two thousand year old meme passes the survival test brilliantly.First of course are the threats if you don't believe either here or in an afterlife although there is no proof anywhere of such a thing.The second complementary half is the promise of prosperity and possibly a paradise after one dies .Both sides are much embellished by horror stories for the disobedient and riches for the obedient.That is the template by which all ideologies grow and one can substitute any rules for any others and the result will be the same.The objective writings of religion are nonsense what with angels floating around which no one sees but the message is in the structure.Once you understand that all religions become a mind virus some just more virulent than others and their adherents carriers of the virus.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Prophets Are To Adults What Santa Clause Is To Children

As with any information processing device either biological or mechanical there is a limit to the amount of information and it's complexity which can be assimilated and processed.Less developed minds naturally believe that which is more near to being false merely because of their lack of experience ie children's belief in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.Their experience does not allow them to reason that such things are impossible based since their experience is so limited they cannot see the contradictions inherent in these beings.Later as a child grows up and gains experience he begins to question Santa's existence until finally as a teenager at the latest he realizes it is a fairy tale. However until he had developed the complexity within his mind to discern the truth he believed in such things.However the analogy does not stop there because there are more difficult things which are as beyond the understanding of the teenager as Santa is beyond the understanding of the child.Likewise with young adults as compared to older adults and simpler people compared with more intelligent people.Until as a limit there are things believed by many which although more sophisticated than the idea of Santa are just as wrong and adults can no more understand their falseness than a child can understand the falseness of Santa.It is as easy to believe a falsehood as it is difficult to understand a truth if both are beyond our information processing capabilityThe idea of the falseness of angels floating around and prophets is as far above the understanding of some adults as santa is above children.To say that adults cannot be fooled in this way is to say that adults understand everything.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Leave The Animals Alone

Why would a loving God want anyone to gratuitously cut the throat of a harmless animal in some sort of expression of love.Cutting something's throat is not an expression of love or devotion but is a psychotic impulse of a twisted mind.A true God would want you to save an animal's life as an expression of thanks and awe at his creation.Leanardo Da Vinci would not want you to destroy the Mona Lisa as an expression of your awe at his work and only someone truly insane would associate destroying something with awe at it's creation.Of course it is infinitely easier to kill an animal than save it but there is not one religion which tells you to save an animal's life.Religion once again shows how twisted it is.A thinking believer in God will work to stop all animal sacrifice under any guise.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

If You Live A Peaceful Life It Is Purely By Chance

Much of humanity has lived in horrible violent invariably superstitious societies for most of history.Very few people anywhere have lived even a whole generation without some sort of war,strife or conflict either internally or externally generated. One cannot count on so called intellectuals to provide any direction because they will follow and rationalise any political or religious system no matter how ridiculous . From angels floating around and people talking to them to dialectical materialism to tearing the beating heart out of prisoners Aztec style intellectuals were and are ready to expound the fashionable theory of the day as to why this is imperative. Of course the intellectuals of those times and places are as intelligent as our intellectuals today and if they were interchanged they would be indistinguishible. People who live in democracies can count themselves lucky that things went that way because the people who devised that system of governance could have as easily gone another way as what happened in other societies. The fact that you live in a democracy is purely a chance event if one believes that all peoples are equally intelligent.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

If There Is Only One Universe Then The Biblical Iron Age God Is Superflous

In how many ways could a universe be created and with what physical constants and still function.In a universe where the inverse square law does'nt hold planets and electrons will be unstable in their respective orbits and therefore life will be impossible.Likewise in a universe of more or less than three dimensions there can be no linear propagation of waves.So in order for life to exist it must exist in our universe.So god had no choice but to make our world and if he had no choice then he is not God!A God without the power to create another functioning world must of necessity not exist.Occam's razor demands it.God himself must be governed by laws for to say otherwise is to talk in riddles and inject a layer of mystery where non is warranted. God must obey the same laws as the rest of the universe and as such can be no greater than the universe and by definition also be no less than the universe. If he cannot be greater than by science or less than the universe by his very definition he must be synonomous with the universe. Can there be any wonder as to why religions ban the inquiry into the nature and extent of God.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gambling Has Evolutionary Origins

Risk taking is an integral part of evolution without which we would not progress.People many thousands of years ago had to take risks to survive and flourish and had to be rewarded psychologically for doing so therefore the desire to do it again.For those risk takers who failed and died trying it does'nt matter if they got a rush but for those who succeeded and got a rush their genes were passed on to their progeny.So if people took a chance the result would be the same in total whether they won or lost.The losers and their need to gamble would die but the winners and their genes would survive.In either case at the end the gambling gene would carry on because some of the gamblers would be explorers who would find new lands and thrive.The need to gamble is a variation of the need to explore which of course is what we need to grow.Lotteries are a synthetic derivative of our primal need to explore and experience the unknown.Now however the odds have been calculated leaving us at the mercy of our once useful primal instincts.Gambling is the crack cocaine of exploration.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Stressed Devices And Societies Show Their True Workings

If you stress an engine as in a car motor under heavy load using a standard transmission then you will begin to feel what is otherwise masked under normal conditions.The car will jerk which of course is the result of each individual explosion within the cylinders.Now you are feeling firsthand what is really going on in the engine because it is under stress and all the smoothing action of the flywheel is gone.Likewise within a society when under stress the hidden interactions begin to become manifest. Different groups who before lived together in relative or forced harmony now begin to act out what they have been thinking all along because they have nothing to lose or see an opportunity for gain or there will be no repercussions for what they do. A society without a police force or in extreme economic straits will show what it is really made of. Some societies under stress will fracture along ethnic or religious lines and other societies will come together with no thought of killing their neighbors.Societies which fall apart under stress are inherently evil only that evil was hidden or repressed before.Societies with large numbers of groups must of necessity be more unstable than a society with a smaller number of groups.